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Café a las Siete: La Cultura Caribeña

SolaMente/OneMind: Tania Guerrera see videos and pictures from the event.

The Greenburgh Public Library
Tuesday, July 18th 2017


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SolaMente/OneMind: Tania Guerrera bridges cultures and breaks stereotypes through her poetry and art. She will weave her story, calling on her Caribbean indigenous Taino, Yoruba African and Spanish ancestors, all of which are part of her rich Puertorican heritage, through bilingual poetry readings from her book Recapitulations: A Visually Poetic Spiritual Journey and presentation of her artwork.

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SolaMente/OneMind: Tania Guerrera
 une culturas y rompe estereotipos a través de su poesía y arte. Ella tejirá su historia, invitando a sus antepasados Indígenos Caribeños Tainos, Africanos Yoruba y Españoles, todos los cuales forman parte de su rica herencia puertorriqueña. A través de lecturas de poesía bilingüe de el libro de ella, Recapitulations: A Visually Poetic Spiritual Journey y presentación de sus obras de arte.


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Recapitulations: A Visually Poetic Spiritual Journey

bookcoverrecapitulationstaniaguerrera-296x300Artist and author Tania Guerrera’s book, Recapitulations: A Visually Poetic Spiritual Journey is filled with spiritually inspired art and words; a brief memoir, told in poetry, art and essay form.

The book becomes a narrative illustrating the author’s diverse spiritual development. A collection of visions, inner knowings, personal revelations, dream journeys and healing lessons for the mind, spirit and soul.

The author explores themes like her Taino Indigenous heritage, the Rastafari faith, Buddhism, Shamanism, Voudun, Sufism, Motherhood and how they all can lead to the Warrior Path. Recapitulations is illustrated by the author with  over 25 vividly colorful images, soul stirring poems and brief scholarly essays.

Recapitulations: A Visually Poetic Spiritual Journey
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