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Westchester Poet

Café a las Siete: La Cultura Caribeña

SolaMente/OneMind: Tania Guerrera see videos and pictures from the event.

The Greenburgh Public Library
Tuesday, July 18th 2017


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SolaMente/OneMind: Tania Guerrera bridges cultures and breaks stereotypes through her poetry and art. She will weave her story, calling on her Caribbean indigenous Taino, Yoruba African and Spanish ancestors, all of which are part of her rich Puertorican heritage, through bilingual poetry readings from her book Recapitulations: A Visually Poetic Spiritual Journey and presentation of her artwork.

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SolaMente/OneMind: Tania Guerrera
 une culturas y rompe estereotipos a través de su poesía y arte. Ella tejirá su historia, invitando a sus antepasados Indígenos Caribeños Tainos, Africanos Yoruba y Españoles, todos los cuales forman parte de su rica herencia puertorriqueña. A través de lecturas de poesía bilingüe de el libro de ella, Recapitulations: A Visually Poetic Spiritual Journey y presentación de sus obras de arte.


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Video and Poem from Death Penalty Art Show 2006

I created this artwork and poem for The Texas death penalty themed art show “Justice for All? Artists Reflect of the Death Penalty”
“More than 300 artists submitted work to the 2006 Death Penalty Art Show. Artworks on display included paintings, video, photography, sculpture and installation art. Only around 50 artists were chosen for the exhibitions in Austin and Houston.”–DeathPenalty.org

Rockland County Legislature Art Exhibit

Popular Artist Tania Guerrera Shows Her Work in Rockland County


Spring Valley, NY (PRWEB) February 8, 2006

Popular contemporary artist Tania Guerrera will display her artwork at the Rockland County Legislature Office during Black History Month. Miss Guerrera is known in the county for displaying her work during the Nyack Festivals, art shows at the Garnerville Arts Center, GAGA, the Frank Welles Gallery and moreHer art reflects her African roots. She is ablaze about instructing through social arts about the African influences of Puerto Rico. Tania Guerrera is also the author of the book Thoughts and Transformations, which features her art, poetry and essays.The year 2005 was a busy year with Tania Guerrera’s rising popularity both on and off the web. One of her loved things to state is “Google me delight!”Joining Art.com and licensing her art images for posters and close-grained art prints has let on-line retail stores to trade her artwork, making it come-at-able and affordable. Some known events during 2005 were:September 2005, African Family Festival, Mount Vernon, NYJuly 2005, African Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NYJune 2005, The LoveBlack Experience Show, The Remote Lounge, Manhattan, NYMarch 2005, Detailing Café, Solo show, Mount Vernon, NYPoetry reading with New Edge Theater in the BronxArticles on WEPA News and other sitesTo visit the County Legislature offices contact Brenda Atkins at 845-638-5708 or visit 11 New Hempstead Road, New City New York.“My work is ethnic and spiritually diverse. I use art as a form of activism, or what some have named ARTIVISM and aim to school through the constructive arts. The themes for my work are a blend of African, Rastafarian, Yoga, Mother-Hood, Caribbean, Taino Native, Puerto Rican, and Hip-Hop Cultures. All of which are part of my psyche and Spirit. I make it a point to convey art to places where it is not expected to make places aesthetic and thought provoking.”
To find out more information, to book a show, speaking engagements, poetry readings, to buy art or her book visit artist site  www.TaniaGuerrera.com