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Meditation Teacher

Tania is a life long meditator, she was initially taught by her mother and also practiced at the Montessori school she attended as a child in Puerto Rico. She adds Shamanic Journeying as a skill and tool to enhance the Meditation practice. As a visual artist and writer Tania’s guided Meditations assist in the process of Journeying and relaxation.

Use the contact form below to hire me for an event. Private meditation classes are for Women only.

I was an Awaken Wellness Fair Speaker!

I had an amazing weekend at The Awaken Wellness Fair, Tarrytown on 3/15/15. 

I was a speaker and shared a presentation titled Becoming the Beloved Warrior (c).

Becoming the Beloved Warrior included a guided meditation that focused on balancing the Chakras, and a visual description of the Chakras with my latest painting titled Quan Yin.
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