Taino Slide Show

I found this introductory slide show made by Freida Rivera Gonzalez, my artwork Cemi was used for the “religion” slide.


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Meditations Painting


Taino Meditations Painting
Taino Meditations Painting



Tania Guerrera©
Acrylic on Canvas 1997
40″x 40″
catalog #17

This painting has a woman meditating on a lotus flower, with the phases of the moon to represent a woman’s connection to the Universe. She is encircled with a Taino Sun motif, commonly called “El Sol de Jayuya”. She sports a third eye to symbolize her spiritual inner vision. Along her center are small pearl and or moon-like circles to represent the chakras. She is strong, centered and enlightened.

This painting has been exhibited at many of my art shows including The Tunnel, NYC, GAGA, Garnerville, NY, The Frank Welles Gallery and more. It is impressive due to its size and thematic content. This image will make a powerful addition to your art collection or meditation space.
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Meditating under the river

Eclipse Taino

Eclipse Taino

Eclipse Taino


(c) Tania Guerrera

Acrylic Painting *** 1996 *** 30″ x  50″

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Taino Areyto (Pow Wow)

I attended and was a vendor multiple times for this annual event.


Press Release:

Hostos Community College and the Wanakan Cultural Center, Inc., of the Taino Nation of the Antilles present The Day of the Taino People

The 14th anniversary and celebration of The Day of the Taino People (El Dia de el Pueblo Taino) honors the Taino Ancestors and Elders this year. Participants
will have the opportunity to meet descendants of the original inhabitants of the Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and the rest of the Antilles, and from South, Central and North America.

The celebration will include ceremonial dance, music, and songs by Taino Nation drummers, Yukayeque Magei (The Village Drum), and Iron Eagle Drummers and Singers. Thrill to Pasion Boliviana Dance Troop and Danza Mexica Azteca will also perform. Kacike Boriwex and Boricua College Professor José Bojiti Muñoz will give lectures on Taino language and religion.

In addition, there will be special presentations by Jorge Estevez (Kiskeyano) on the American Indian Museum exhibit, and by the current Miss Indian World, Violet John (Taina).

Children are invited to attend arts and craft workshops and have their bodies painted and stamped with Taino warrior faces and images of beautiful indigenous designs.

Who: Hostos Community College and the Wanakan Cultural Center, Inc.

What: Taino Nations of the Antilles’ 14th Annual Areyto

When? Saturday, November 18, 2006 from 12:00 Noon to 6PM.

Where? 450 Grand Concourse C-Building Gym on the 3rd floor.
Directions: IRT 2, 4, 5, BX 1, 19 to 149th Street and Grand Concourse.

For advance ticket sales and group rates, please call the Hostos Box Office at (718) 518 4455.

General admission: $8.00 per person. Discount admission for seniors and students: $4.00. Children under 10 years of age are admitted free of charge when accompanied by a paying adult.

For more Information on the Taino Nation contact:

Linda Matumyaru Diaz, Director
Wanakan Cultural Center Inc. of the Taino Nation of the Antilles
252 East 4th St. New York, NY 10003
(212) 674 6770 or (917) 617 3406.
Matumyaru@hotmail.com Website: nacion_taina.tripod.com


Nestor Montilla
Office of Public Relations