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Reading it’s a Social Thing!

Some authors and books on my shelf:

Carlos Castaneda, Deepak Chopra, Maya Angelou, Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.D.,

Recapitulations: A Visually Poetic Spiritual JourneyBhagavad Gita, Thoughts and Transformations and The Upanishads.

Remember Book Stores?

As a child growing up in Puerto Rico we did not have public libraries. I loved books and watching TV shows like Sesame Street, so I knew there were public libraries (in the US, which we called nuyol) where you could read and borrow books. Somehow, though, I could not wrap my head around being able to borrow a book, and that the library would simply trust you to bring it back.

I remember being so excited when a bookstore called Bell, Book & Candle opened in our Condado neighborhood in PR. They had a children’s section with little tables and walls full of children’s books!!! It looked like what I imagined a library looked like, a place where I could sit and read with other children. I liked to pretend that I was in an actual public library and occasionally, when she had extra cash,  my mom would buy me a book, oh joy!

Fast forward to my teen years now living in Nuyol (NY) and having my first library card. I felt as if I had won the lottery, like I had a credit card with unlimited credit. What? I can take out any book? Even the big art books? As many as I can carry? Ok not the reference ones, but the art books? Novels, poetry books, magazines all free? I just have to return them on time, ok, that part I didn’t do so well with, so my library late fees were (and still are) ridiculous.

With all that said, please support your local bookstores and libraries, ebooks are fun, but analog, ‘ole school paper books, specially Art books are meant to be touched, seen and read on paper, in turn sitting with other readers, even in silence, can create a social experience.

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Make bookshelves and share them with other readers.

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