I used this painting for my Yoga Chakra graduation presentation, when I trained as a Yoga Teacher at the Yoga Mountain Institute.

Meditations Painting


Taino Meditations Painting
Taino Meditations Painting



Tania Guerrera©
Acrylic on Canvas 1997
40″x 40″
catalog #17

This painting has a woman meditating on a lotus flower, with the phases of the moon to represent a woman’s connection to the Universe. She is encircled with a Taino Sun motif, commonly called “El Sol de Jayuya”. She sports a third eye to symbolize her spiritual inner vision. Along her center are small pearl and or moon-like circles to represent the chakras. She is strong, centered and enlightened.

This painting has been exhibited at many of my art shows including The Tunnel, NYC, GAGA, Garnerville, NY, The Frank Welles Gallery and more. It is impressive due to its size and thematic content. This image will make a powerful addition to your art collection or meditation space.
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Meditating under the river

Eclipse Taino

Eclipse Taino

Eclipse Taino


(c) Tania Guerrera

Acrylic Painting *** 1996 *** 30″ x  50″

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