Becoming the Beloved Warrior Meditation Workshop

Becoming the Beloved Warrior Meditation Workshop: 
Skills to Expand our Spiritual Awareness


Sharing her inspired art and poetry, Tania Guerrera guides us into a visionary meditative journey where we can start Becoming the Beloved Warrior.

Using sound, breath, movement, language and meditative art, this multi-sensory presentation will have us learning to release tension, create strength, balance the chakras (energy centers in our body), and silence the mind in order to receive guidance from Spirit.

We will identify spiritual, literary and historical warrior archetypes. Tania will share her spiritually channeled poetry and lead us through the Beloved Warrior Meditation she created.

You will learn:

  • Shamanic Breathwork Techniques
  • Skills to decrease stress
  • Simple Yoga Exercises and Movement
  • Visualization Exercises
  • Kundalini Chakra Balancing
  • Group Reiki Energy Work
  • Chanting and Meditative Music
  • Shamanic Energetic Healing
  • Enhanced States of Awareness

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Can be modified as a one hour, one day or weekend workshop.

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Joyful Warrior

A warrior is always joyful because his love is unalterable …

Certifications, Credentials & Life Experience:


(E-RYT) Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher
(YACEP) Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider 

Tania’s Yoga classes and workshops focus on learning to release tension, creating strength, centering the mind and balancing the chakras (energy centers in our body). Class includes Hatha Yoga, guided meditations, Nidra Yoga, (visualization exercises) and Pranayama (breathwork) techniques, energy work with Reiki, chanting and meditative music.

Tania Guerrera, RYT, CYT has been practicing Yoga since 1975 when as a child her mother Nora (also a CYT), began her personal practice and introduced it to her.

Tania Guerrera began to study with Gail Walsh, director and founder of Yoga Mountain during 1993 and became a Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) in October of 2002.

As a YACEP workshops and courses with Tania Guerrera can be used by RYTs towards Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.


Tania is a life long meditator, she was initially taught by her mother and the Montessori School she attended as a child in Puerto Rico. She adds Journeying as a skill and tool to enhance the Meditation practice. As a visual artist, poet and spoken word artist, Tania’s guided Visionary Meditations assist in the process of Journeying, energetic expansion and relaxation. She has also spent time learning and participating in Buddhist meditation meetings at Rockland County’s (FOR) Fellowship of Reconciliation.

1st & 2nd Level Certificates

10th Generation, Second Level Usui Reiki Therapist. Studied with Reiki Master, Yolanda Castro, Reiki Master Lic. Acupuncturist, and Feng Shui Consultant.


Introduction to the Shamanic Breathwork™ Experience & Shamanic Ministerial Facilitator Training given by Linda Star Wolf at The Open Center in NYC.

Tania Guerrera was born on the island of Borinquen now known as Puerto Rico therefore she is of Yoruba African, European Spanish and Arawak Indigenous Taino descent which have led her to reclaim and include World Shamanic Cultures in both her creative and healing work.

She has been blessed to sit with and learn from Taino Behikes, Peruvian Shamans, Shamanic Goddesses, Voudun Drum Masters and Rasta Bush Doctors. She was raised by Hippie, open minded parents in tune with altered states of awareness and spiritual exploration.

Level 1-3 Certificates

University of New Mexico

Curanderismo Part 1: Traditional Healing of the Body

Curanderismo Part 2: Traditional Healing of the Spirit/Energy

Curanderismo Part 3: Traditional Healing with Cultural Traditions


Stanford University

Introduction to Food and Health (certificate)

On a regular basis, since 2008, Tania serves up plant based meals and home remedies alongside her husband Jolo at their popular, NY Times reviewed, Vegan Restaurant and Juice Bar, Jolo’s Kitchen in New Rochelle. During 2016 a second restaurant Jolo’s, with an events venue was added.

Be Counted as a Warrior


“There must be those among whom we can sit down and weep and still be counted as warriors”

-Adrienne Rich


After reading this quote I realized I’m blessed to have a community of
people with whom I can weep and still count. I made this meme for them.

#Gratitude #Gracias