Becoming the Beloved Warrior Meditation Workshop

Becoming the Beloved Warrior Meditation Workshop: 
Skills to Expand our Spiritual Awareness


Sharing her inspired art and poetry, Tania Guerrera guides us into a visionary meditative journey where we can start Becoming the Beloved Warrior.

Using sound, breath, movement, language and meditative art, this multi-sensory presentation will have us learning to release tension, create strength, balance the chakras (energy centers in our body), and silence the mind in order to receive guidance from Spirit.

We will identify spiritual, literary and historical warrior archetypes. Tania will share her spiritually channeled poetry and lead us through the Beloved Warrior Meditation she created.

You will learn:

  • Shamanic Breathwork Techniques
  • Skills to decrease stress
  • Simple Yoga Exercises and Movement
  • Visualization Exercises
  • Kundalini Chakra Balancing
  • Group Reiki Energy Work
  • Chanting and Meditative Music
  • Shamanic Energetic Healing
  • Enhanced States of Awareness

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Can be modified as a one hour, one day or weekend workshop.

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GuanYin Goddess of Mercy and Compassion

I painted Guan Yin during March of 2015. I finished the majority of the painting during a weekend…

Meditation Teacher

Meditation Bio


Tania is a life long meditator, she was initially taught by her mother and also practiced at the Montessori school she attended as a child in Puerto Rico. She adds Journeying as a skill and tool that adds to the Meditation practice. As a visual artist and writer Tania’s guided Meditations assist in the process of Journeying and relaxation.

Eclipse Taino

Acrylic Painting, 1996, 30″ x  50″

Meditations Painting

Tania Guerrera©
Acrylic on Canvas 1997 40″x 40″ catalog #17 This painting has a woman meditating on a lotus flower, with the phases of the moon to represent a woman’s connection to the Universe. She is encircled with a Taino Sun motif, commonly called “El Sol de Jayuya”. She sports a third eye to symbolize her spiritual inner vision. Along her center are small pearl and or moon-like circles to represent the chakras. She is strong, centered and enlightened.

This painting has been exhibited at many of my art shows including The Tunnel, NYC, GAGA, Garnerville, NY, The Frank Welles Gallery and more. It is impressive due to its size and thematic content. She will make a powerful addition to your art collection.
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