Eleguá Says EnJoy!

Eleguá says EnJoy!
(Eleguá as Eshu Anaki)

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Acrylic on Canvas, 18″ 24″
© 2007 Tania Guerrera

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I used this painting for my Yoga Chakra graduation presentation, when I trained as a Yoga Teacher at the Yoga Mountain Institute.

Meditations Painting


Taino Meditations Painting
Taino Meditations Painting



Tania Guerrera©
Acrylic on Canvas 1997
40″x 40″
catalog #17

This painting has a woman meditating on a lotus flower, with the phases of the moon to represent a woman’s connection to the Universe. She is encircled with a Taino Sun motif, commonly called “El Sol de Jayuya”. She sports a third eye to symbolize her spiritual inner vision. Along her center are small pearl and or moon-like circles to represent the chakras. She is strong, centered and enlightened.

This painting has been exhibited at many of my art shows including The Tunnel, NYC, GAGA, Garnerville, NY, The Frank Welles Gallery and more. It is impressive due to its size and thematic content. This image will make a powerful addition to your art collection or meditation space.
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Boarding the MotherShip

Boarding The MotherShipPrints available from my shop.


GuanYin Goddess of Mercy and Compassion

I painted Guan Yin during March of 2015. I finished the majority of the painting during a weekend…

Purity of Creation

purityofcreationwebPurity of Creation by TaniaGuerrera.com

Mixed Media Collage and Acrylic Painting,
Canvas stretched on Wood, 2005

Something to inspire us.

This is a representation of a Rasta couple. Pictures of Emperor Haile Selassie and Empress Menen are added in the collage. The idea I am imparting in this painting most of all, is to learn that when we acknowledge that God or Goddess lives within Man, as Rastas have with H.I.M. Haile Selassie, then we can learn that God/Goddess Spirit lives within us.

Allow that magnificent, healing, creative and energetic light to shine forth. Connect to the Ancestors, know that Spirit lives forever and allow the beauty of the natural world to be our medicine and nourishment.
Peace, Blessings and Joyful Meditations,



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Artist Statement

The Process

As an artist and healer I use the process of creating as a healing and meditative medium. Setting the mind free during the creative process allows us, with the right setting, to enter into altered states of awareness. In this state we can experience bliss, clarity and transcendent healing.

As a result the images, words and crafts
become power objects and spiritual medicine for the soul.

About the Images

I am inspired by people, nature and faces, earth tones and bright color combinations.  When I paint, colors become a language; they speak to me by rising emotion based memories and intellectual meanings.  Each shade, hue, combination and variation tends to generate a separate quality to the painting’s vibe. Often I cover large areas in black, which evokes a dreamlike vision. Numbers, mandalas, ancient symbols and visionary themes tend to abstractly frame the figures. 


In addition as a healer I am blessed to know and learn from an ever-expanding circle of teachers, family and friends who also walk the path of knowledge.

My ethnic and cultural background informs my spirit therefore you will find Taino Arawak motifs, Yoruba Orishas, Ethiopian and Rastafarian themes, MotherHood, Mary and Christ, People in Meditation, Mandalas and always the Goddess and Mother Earth.

Because of my Taino Arawak ancestry I identify with aspects of the
Shamanic Tradition and reclaim this heritage with
visionary imagery and healing work.

Stories of Taino Abuelas and African Grandmothers heard during childhood populate and reflect my inner world and manifest through my art and healing work.

Intuitive Healer

Participation in Vodoun Drumming Ceremonies, Rasta Nyahbinghi Groundations, Taino Areytos, Peruvian Shaman Led Circles, Sufi Salaat, and Buddhist Meditation meetings, have given me a wide range of cultural perspectives on spirituality, natural healing and soul upliftment.

With Yoga movement, diet, meditation, music, art, words, Reiki energy, and the study of Spirit I have recovered parts of my soul, healed spiritual wounds and joyfully experienced health, flexibility and energy.

I invite you to view my art and study with me as we stretch our bodies, expand the heart and open our minds.

Peace, Blessings and Heartfelt Meditations,

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